Global Islamic Prayer Times: Salah Schedules from Every Corner of the World

Muslimc ummah is spread across all over the world, But Five pillars of islam remain same. Salah (Also known as Namaz or Salat) is one of those 5 pillars of islam. As sun rises in one corner of world, millions of muslims turn to Allah s.w.t to perform their Salah. No matter you find yourself in bustling city of Cairo in Egypt, Medina, Makkah or Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, Dubai in UAE, Pakistan or India or from western countries like USA, Canada, Australia or Europe. Adhan is universal reminder in every part of world. It has different name in different regions like Azan, Athan or Adhan. Whatever the name is but essense remains same, Which is call to prayer from almighty Allah s.w.t.

Muslims perform 5 prayers a day, but time for these prayers vary, based on position of sun at each part of world. Here comes Islamic prayer schedule by Islamic Mate. It offers Accurate Salah timing for every country around the globe. Our Global prayer times guide ensures correct prayer times despite of the zone, or Geo location.

Why Our International Prayer Calendar is Invaluable

Accurate and Reliable

Islaimc Mate prayer times calculator relies on trusted islamic sources, modern scientific astronomical data. Our world wide Adhan Schedule provides precise prayer times tailored for every city and country around the world.

Easy Navigation

Looking for Salah Times for Specific Country or City? Our islamic countries list easily let you browse and practically locate you any country in the world. Using top search bar, You can easily search for prayer times in any specific city .


Whether you are traveling, relocating or simply curious, our International islamic prayer Calendar is your one stop destination for prayer times needs.

Prayer Times for Popular Cities

Prayer Times for Popular Countries